Mini Update


This site isn't dead, far from it. Currently in the middle of writing a book for The Reality of Gaming and today I posted on the FB page a link to When I first started this project Cam's videos where the only source I could see of someone speaking about their experiences of gaming and having quit gaming. There are a number of articles on there that are worth a look at for more information about gaming from the perspective of addiction and understanding gaming.

And then I suspended my FB account realising that it also suspends TRG account. Oops. Hence why I am updating on this blog as well.

It's not just a case of stopping gaming but also looking at and questioning, is that behaviour of avoidance now playing out in a different form when gaming is no longer in the picture. Because if soical media comes with the same intention to check out from the world or from what I am feeling and reacting to my sensitivity then I might as well be playing again, it's the same situation playing out slightly differently. Same same, no different.

There's been a growing distaste of soical media and the time I spend on it or the frequency of checking it so I decided to experiment and suspend it for the time being. Lets see how it goes.

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