How Esoteric Healing helped heal my video game addiction.

Firstly, what is esoteric healing?

Fully named as Sacred Esoteric Healing it is a form of hands-on healing where you are fully clothed, many times given a blanket to put over you and the practitioner lays their hands on your body in various locations depending on what is required in that session.

I have done many Sacred Esoteric Healing courses myself and in every single one it is repeatedly mentioned and throughout stated that touching private areas is a no-go and it is not classed as being in line with the integrity of the modality.

In my childhood I went with my mum to go to similar hands-on healing in a church however the two practices are very different from each other.

In Sacred Esoteric Healing the practitioner is simply a support for you to connect to your inner-most essence. Esoteric meaning ‘within’ from the Greek word 'esoterikos’ and that is from where the healing takes place.

In the church healing was an imposition from another to bring to you the healing energy, which most of the time I ignored and went off into a daydream while on the table.

In Esoteric Healing sessions the focus comes into the body rather than the mind and there can be (or not) a feeling of sinking into oneself that is beyond the physical body.

OK, so how does this relate to healing my video game addiction?

There’s been studies that have shown that loneliness can lead to addictive behaviours as in the example of “Rat Park”. I have found this in my own life and in the lives of those around me. When we lack connection we seek to connect to something, be it foods, behaviours, drink etc. But when in connection to ourselves there is less of a propensity to engage in those addictive behaviours/activities. There is less need to fill that feeling of emptiness because it simply isn’t there.

Even without having the hands-on part being in the presence of someone who is connected to their inner-most inspires you to connect to yourself.

Our conversation becomes more honest and that’s a healing in itself by nominating what may be going on for me at the time.

The deeper I connect to myself the less I feel that pull of desperation to seek a filler, a numbing, a distraction, recognition etc. The deeper I connect to myself the less I need of others. That’s not to say I become anti social. In fact when I was playing video games I was anti-social, aggressive, depressed and not a ball of fun to hang around with.

These days I enjoy being with people as my interactions are becoming less about what I need to be for them or what I want and need them to be for me.

This is an ongoing process but with the support of Esoteric Healing I am finding that all addictions are a result of lack of connection. To ourselves first and foremost, a self that is actually a part of the universe.

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