Corruption and video games

I was listening to this audio about corruption and have recently been in a discussion regarding this topic. It got me thinking about the whole purpose of video gaming and of the entertainment industry in general.

The definition of the word corruption was taken beyond the pictures of men in black suits doing dodgy things in the background and defined as anything that stops us being who we truly are. In all my time that I spent playing video games I could not say I was living as who I truly am, I could not say that I had a connection to my Soul or connected to any sense that there was more to life than hating work and seeking relief in the weekends and after work when I could continue to play video games. For me going into my little fantasy world and occasionally coming out to do the whole ‘adult thing’ was a begrudging means to an end. But what effect was this perception of life having on the world around me?

If someone feels stressed or angry we feel it and sometimes may join or react to them. The same goes for when we feel despondent and withdrawn from life but dragging ourselves to work anyway. That doesn’t stay within us, it goes out and towards and over others. In this way of living I did not connect with people, I simply used them or ignored them. Both of which contribute to abuse because when we don’t connect to people we are being abusive, simple as that.

Me holding onto my hurts from childhood, the hurt of disconnecting from myself and then distracting myself from this by blaming others leads to a life of seeking relief, comfort and distraction which is essentially what video gaming is. A stimulation away from an otherwise exhausted, sad and lonely state of being. If this is not the case and this is not what video gaming is for you then I suggest conducting a small experiment, Sit comfortably, take a moment to do a few gentle breaths (this Gentle Breath Meditation can help) and register how you feel.

While I can’t say that I have mastered meeting people I can say that I now know the difference in how each one feels and it’s my responsibility to keep feeling the difference and not ignore what I am feeling. In short there is a vast difference in being disconnected from myself and others or being connected to myself and others.

Video Gaming is very comfortable, it is a symptom of a comfortable life. Within video gaming I can ignore people, I can abuse them from the ‘safety’ of my screen, I can compete against and use them to achieve my own goals and needs. Video Gaming isn’t the only way in which all of these abuses can be achieved but it is a popular one based on how many people these days are playing video games, watching Twitch/YouTube and eSports etc.

This isn’t a comfortable thing to look at, viewing gaming in this way, and personally I understand that just because I don’t play games anymore doesn’t mean I am immune from these games of corruption. It is a consistent reminder for me when I am using YouTube or other social media or even how I interact with people face to face in my every day. The question now since listening to that audio becomes: Am I ignoring or exploiting people or am I going to understand and connect to them?

I am a very sensitive woman, as we all are very sensitive people. We can feel when there is a connection between people and when there is not. If you’re talking to someone and they are giving you eye contact and paying attention that feels different to when you’re talking and they are texting someone or playing a video game or generally not present with you in that moment even if they are physically there with you. The point is that we can feel the difference between connecting and ignoring/exploiting others. It’s a case of repeatedly noticing the difference to then start to appreciate that connection is actually far greater than letting hurts create reactions within us that then lead us to ignore or exploit another.

Dealing with our hurts, being sensitive to how our daily activities affect our ability to connect to one another is huge but many small steps towards lessening the corruption that is occurring in the world.

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