The energy of video games

What underpins this whole Reality of Gaming project is:

1. My personal experience of video gaming

2. The experiences of others on video gaming

3. But this is really point one. My experience of the fact that everything is energy.

“Everything is energy “– Albert Einstein

“if everything is energy, then everything is because of energy.”– Serge Benhayon

So, if everything is energy, everything is caused and created/manifested from energy before it. If there is ever a ‘why/how’ question in life the root will be found in energy.

Over the years through my involvement with Universal Medicine, I’ve learnt that when I go to the energy of a situation/person/behaviour/anything etc. life makes a whole lot more sense than if I relied on mental theories, justifications, defence or the like. Going to the energy of something requires me to live in a way that takes care and respects the part of me that senses energy, my whole body and its ability to feel. There are lifestyle choices that are the norm in society that blocks off our ability to be aware of what we are feeling. Not cut off our feeling sense completely but to be unaware of what is being sensed constantly.

Video gaming is one such lifestyle choice that I found to be a great way to not feel the energy of the life around me or the energy within me. Because as everything is energy, that means that every part of our life is energy like we are in one big soup or ocean of energy constantly. Video gaming would have me believe that in this underwater/under-energy world that we live in that I had found a bubble free from life, but really was it ‘freedom’ or more distraction and disconnection from being aware of what is going on. But video games alone are not enough to cut off our ability to feel energy; that needs a walk, a way of talking, a diet and much more to keep our sensitivity to energy at bay.

So, then what is the energy of video games? What is the energy behind each gaming company or each video game? What is the energy that goes into the player as they engage in the game? These answers aren’t hard to answer if one is choosing to be open to seeing the energy at play. Sometimes it’s really obvious such as when I’ve been talking to parents they mention that when their children have a screen they are moody, irritable and uncooperative. Take away the screen, and they are lighter, less argumentative, cooperative and the children that their parents know. So, is there more to this subject than is currently widely discussed? When considering what games are appropriate for children or ourselves are we looking at just the age rating, the content or context of the game or the energy that we are engaging with as well?

The Reality of Gaming has been made for those who are ready or open to asking the question “Is there more to life?” and could that more possibly be not ‘out there’ somewhere but inside us with our ability to feel what is already going on around and within ourselves. Questioning the energy of life and our choices and behaviours, feeling how our bodies will give us feedback on every choice we make gives us a deeper understanding of life and in particular on video gaming.

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