Brutality in Video Games

So because we have accepted video games as a part of our lives, be it something that our children are now growing up with or a integral part of our ‘chill out time’ as adults or something that you pretend to not watch as someone plays a game on their phone next to you on the commute to work. If we accept something, we don’t just accept a part of it, we get the whole lot.

So then by having acceptable forms of glorifying brutality what affect is this having on society?

By making games and trailers brutal and violent we essentially accept it as a normal part of life when deep down every one knows that it is far from acceptable.

As a child all we have to do is be looked at in a negative way to feel hurt, imagine the impact of all that occurs in certain video games.

Is this further misdirecting our focus on the actual truth of what abuse is? Because if we only see the extremes the more ‘subtle’ forms of abuse fly under the radar. They are only subtle because we choose to remain unaware and not because they are more sophisticated or clever.

We can at any time choose to be aware of the fact that we are greater than what we have chosen to be, and it can start as simple as breathing gently at the tip of our nose. And yet the attraction to identify ourselves with something that is lesser than who we truly are, something that is not in truth who we are, can be very strong. Abuse can be attractive as it blinds us from how beautiful, gorgeous, super sweet, tender and sacred we truly are. Be that holding onto a victimhood of being abused or holding onto abusive behaviours towards ourselves and/or others.

When we choose to become more aware once again as we where as children we start to see that all the abuse we said yes to was in fact a lie and did not bring anything to us, for in truth it cannot deliver us the truth of who we are which is love.

Pushing ourselves to get good grades, pulling all nighter’s and becoming anxious as a result to get that prized certificate or job may get us recognition but it will not bring us love.

Being nice, polite and accommodating to others even at our expense may get us to be liked but it does not bring us love.

Withdrawing from the world and it’s abusive ways requires us to numb our delicate and sensitive nature and this doesn’t bring us love either.

Pushing through tough and grueling challenges, mentally, physically or emotionally will never bring us love at the end of our efforts.

There is no love when abuse is present. So by having the focus on the extreme brutality of human actions as we see in video games and the mainstream media it then acts like a blanket over all our other efforts in a bid to appear ‘Good’ and possibly have a chance at Love. But there is no love in being good.

True love is an energy, it is felt in action but it is not an action per say.

There is no action that can make you love. Taking a moment to stop and breathe gently can open the door to allowing our love out to be seen and felt in our actions. We all are in our essence love and when we stop trying and let it out that’s when we have it in our lives to experience.

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