Reviewing Reality

The more I look into what gaming is from where I now stand the more I notice how much I believed it was isolated from every other part of life, as if it where a bubble I could hide away in from the world. Watching an interview this morning amongst the many great points was the mentioning of what makes a reality? Because we create our reality then believe that it is real without being aware of the fact that we created it in the first place. And in gaming we literally create worlds and live in them, from playing the games to buying a gaming T-shirt, those that cosplay and go to conventions or watch videos, podcasts – the list goes on but basically this hobby can become our world.

Towards the 20 minute mark of the video the conversation turns to the reality that we have created and if we can take a step back and look at the results from our reality, can we say they make sense? Do we feel that these results match our reality in a way that is true, leaving us feeling at ease, natural and in harmony or do we feel a tension within us. Or are our bodies showing us that the fact is that living in our currently reality is not true because it is impacting on our health?

After gaming sessions have you ever experienced or noticed in another who has been gaming: sore/tired/heavy eyes, wrist, finger, arm pain or numbness, stiffness/weakness in the legs, overall exhaustion, tiredness or mood changes, issues relating or interacting with others – be it aggressive, isolating oneself, disinterested in conversations or cravings for sugar/caffeine (in energy drinks or coffee)?

If so is it possible that the reality that there is nothing wrong with gaming is not true?

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