Conversations about video gaming: What do we bring to the table? Judgment, Experience or both?

Conversations about video gaming: What do we bring to the table? Judgment, Experience or both?

When it comes to the subject of video gaming from experience there are two main camps or sides as it were.

1. The gamers

2. The non-gamers

Now I am not saying that everyone fits into these two camps but when asking people on their side of the subject of video gaming the conversations only go two ways: For and Against. There’s this ‘in the know’ and ‘out of the loop’ separation amongst people when it comes to gaming.

This is seen over and over again in media, on blogs, in scientific studies, almost every forum and space where Video Gaming is discussed. Depending on which camp you stand in is going to determine your views and thus how one relates to others.

But what if, for and against augments aside we could discuss video gaming in a way that combines the two sides? From those who game and those who don't game. Could we learn more about each other as a result?

Could there be a reason or reasons why video gaming is needed or enjoyed by those who game that is actually different to the judgments and stereotypes that those who don't game place onto people who do?

Could there be a reason or reasons why those outside of the video game playing hobby choose to not engage in such activity?

Without defending our own corners what if we shared our relationship with video gaming that allows another to see another side of the story? Without blame or judgment of the other.

What if we were open to seeing more than our own held views of video gaming?

Because really, has sticking to our camps really supported us as a whole to work together? or do we remain separate and at war with each other? In a lack of understanding and an acceptance of judgments, stereotypes, blaming and labels? By focusing on what a person does and placing pre-conceived ideas about who they are as a person based on their interests are we not missing out on getting to know the actual person?

Are our experiences coloured or shaped by the views of others? Do we perceive our own experiences to be a certain way based on the beliefs or judgements we may carry about video gaming and those who do our don't play video games? And do other perceptions around other areas of our life also have an affect of on our relationship with video gaming?

Example: Parents don't play games, child does.

Parents request chores to be done or for them to come to dinner.

Child is fed the perception that video games are greater than real life/the place to be/a great way to extract ones self away from a tense, emotional, unsettling, unsupportive 'real world', reacts negatively towards parents and life for being pulled away from the game.

If so, what if we left our judgments and defenses at the door and approached the conversation with an openness to understanding what is going on in the world of video gaming for everyone involved because it is in our lives regardless if we engage in it or not.

So I ask, what has been your experience of video gaming? How has it been a presence in your life and how have you related to it?

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