How Living In Cycles supports Life

So throughout the blogs and video’s you’ll most likely come across the theme of living in cycles. This isn’t anything new simply because we have a day followed by a night, Monday followed by a cycle called the week that returns to another Monday. Even the months and seasons repeat themselves over and over again. We live on a planet that is going around in circles around the sun and it itself is spinning around and around. And yet as human beings we live in a linear way, from A to B, from home to work and from work to home etc. Is it possible that by looking at our day as a cycle and not a straight line can be better understand what is going on in our lives? This for me has proven to be the case and through understanding that we do live in a cycle that repeats itself life becomes more simpler and less stressful than trying to reach any form of end goal. If we clock a certain behaviours that we do everyday, what can we learn about our lives as a result of bringing attention to a point in the cycle? For example: When I played video games right up until bed time, as in computer off then straight into bed, how do we feel when we wake up? I felt grumpy, exhausted and it felt like an effort to start the day. So this started my day with ‘I am grumpy and don’t want to commit to life’ So then because I dragged myself around all day with this feeling of not wanting to bother or being angry at myself for feeling that way I felt exhausted at the end of the day. To not feel this I would play video games to stop feeling this way. But this is a destructive cycle because it would only support me to feel rubbish the next day. So then if life is a cycle and we can’t stop making movements while we go around in circles, what if we changed our movements? Would that then make the day flow differently? I found such to be the case in that if I stopped playing games an hour before bed initially to just shut away from the screen, prepare my uniform for the next day, pull my lunch out of the freezer to defrost etc. then I woke up with more energy, less pressure in my face, less grumpy and starting the day with more commitment. The world around us is showing us that we live in a world that is innately and naturally designed to live in cycles and bringing such awareness into our lives is a great form of medicine.

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