Is there more going on when it comes to video gaming?

Imagine standing in front of a picture, right up next to it and being unable to see the whole picture, just a small section of it. What if the subject of video gaming was the same? In my exploring of what is trending in the world of video gaming conversation I have found it to circling around only certain topics - the latest console or game is the main focus. In the news it tends to be a research paper either for or against video gaming, conventions or the newest technology. But what if there was more? What if video gaming had a bigger impact in our lives than we have been talking about? And what would happen if we took a step back from the picture and looked at the grander view before us? What if we introduced our other senses into this hobby? Video gaming is a very visual and audial stimulating activity but what affect is it having on the rest of our body? Our moods, thoughts and feelings, how are our relationships with others and ourselves affected? Often I have experienced in myself and seen it in others how video gaming can suck a person into the screen, the world becomes that screen and the bigger picture around us is completely forgotten about. And if another was to attempt to pull the person from that hold there is a fight that internally occurring, an irritation between the person engaging with a world of the screen and being asked to pull themselves away from it. Often there can be a sense of disorientation when a person takes the step back and away from the screen. Without support often the return to the screen is chosen as that sucking in completely cuts us from our other senses and that feeling of disorientation. So if this occurs, what is it that we are sensing in and of our day that disturbs us to such an extent that we choose to get sucked into a screen with such force? What is it about our senses that is so sought to be crushed, and is it really us seeking to squash down and dull the bodies senses? What if it wasn't who we truly are to seek numbing or a separation from our senses? And that these behaviours are simply unnatural ways of living we have adopted or had imposed upon us? What if we started to question - why do we get so close to our pictures? what is it that stepping back into life means? And what perceptions are we following that provides us answers to these questions? Are they true perceptions? So then what would have us believe that we are to live so close to the pictures? and this perception that the gaming world is everything and that real life is somehow lesser? And what if we could choose to take a step back at any moment? That the step back was not impossible but we have simply been led to believe that we don't have such a choice when in fact we do and always have. With this in the picture (pun intended) why is it that we have limited the conversation of video gaming and it’s place and affects in the world? And what would happen if we took a step back?

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