What is The Reality of Gaming  about?

This blog is based around the reality of gaming, not what happens in the game but what is happening to the gamer. This blog will question our relationship with gaming and how it impacts on our relationship with not only ourselves but with the all around us, home, family, friends, work - everything. From someone who's life foundation was nothing but the next game, next match, next session etc I now speak about how that foundation shaped the quality of my life.  


The face behind the blog


My name is Leigh.
I have spent the first 21 years of life attempting to avoid life and responsibility by hiding under animals and video games. Until 2011 that is when I began to make various changes to my life based a questioning of there must be more to life than what I am experiencing and a greater willingness to understand what is going on in my life. Without understanding why we do what we do it is very easy to dismiss, shun, judge and blame ourselves and others. The tools presented by others and those I have taken up have supported me immensely. 

There is a reason for everything because for things to be 'random' 'fate' 'luck' or out of our controll leaves us in the stance of being a victim and thus we are not responsbile for how the world is. But human life is shaped by human action and everything that comes from humans, we shape the world we live in. This blog opens up the conversation around gaming and relates it back to the world that gaming affects rather than it being something that only occurs while we are behind the keyboard or on the sofa in front of the console.